We carry out specialist & machining workshop services for all classic, modern & vintage cars both petrol & diesel engines. Our work is not restricted to cars we have also carried out work on fork lift, lorry and boat engines.

We are able to produce standard or modified cylinder heads, to fast road or full race spec.

Cylinder Head Machining

We undertake any machining task on many cylinder heads, including;

  • Cylinder head testing and reworking i.e :-
    Unleaded conversion, valve guide conversion, integral guide conversion, Colsibro guide conversion, bucket guide conversion. Most valve seats are kept in stock. With valve guides we have the facility to diamond hone & to measure internal diameters correctly to give the right clearances.
  • Valve spring testing.
  • Cylinder head straightening
  • Cylinder head re-facing. This is done on a Rottler machine which has adjustable levelling enabling a cylinder head to be set up very quickly. All re-facing uses a diamond tool bit with which there is zero distortion.
  • Hot pressure test. Especially on aluminium is a must as it opens the pores within the casting allowing you to find the leak when hot. This cannot be done when cold as cracks will not be found.
  • Crack test
  • Porting & polishing
  • Super flow bench testing with swell & tumble facilities. This is a must in the development of a race engine. All power comes from the head & camshaft.

Bottom End Machine Work

  • Crankshaft regrinding
  • Crankshaft shot peening
  • Crankshaft crack testing (UV)
  • Flywheel Grinding. We have a dedicated machine for car & commercial, cup & flap flywheels.
  • Flywheel lightening.
  • Custom flywheels made to suit your requirements.
  • Re-boring & re-sleeving. We are very proud of our re-boring services. We have the facility to offset/move bores around to our requirement very accurately. We specialize in fitting sleeves into alloy blocks.
  • Specialists in re-sleeving in Porsche 996 & 997 & repairing cracked liners. Liners kept in stock.
  • Honing. We have a Sunnen 616 Cylinder King which is regarded as one of the best machines in the industry. We have full diamond facility. Cylinder finish does not get any better than this.
  • In line boring
  • Line honing. A line honed engine can give us as much as 5 H.P on a standard engine.
  • Cast aluminium welding. Very experienced in welding cast aluminium waterways, reconstruction of combustion chambers.
  • Reconstruction of waterways
  • Crack repairs
  • Computerized dynamic engine balancing for road & race applications (using a Hines machine).Two ways of balancing a crankshaft for race engines. Internal balancing is a must. Crankshaft is placed on machine & balanced. Front pulley added & any sprockets & timing belt fixtures then rebalanced. Flywheel added & rebalanced, then clutch added and rebalanced. Externally balanced crank assemblies is when the crankshaft, flywheel & front pulley assembly is spun up as one & balanced as is. A far cheaper way of balancing the engine. We are able to balance to the degree of zero (perfection). We specialize in V engines.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of cast iron which removes all tar deposits & paint back to bare metal
  • Cold dip aluminium removing all carbon deposits and tar
  • Phosphoric acid dip which removes rust, lime scale & contaminants within the water system allowing proper heat transfer
  • Helicoids & repair of threads. We keep most sizes in stock.
  • Engine dyno facility testing engines up to 400 b.h.p