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High quality Classic Engines & Machining

Classic & Modern Engine Services Ltd was established in 2002 by Paul Adams who previously had been workshop manager for over 20 years for a classic and modern engine reconditioning company. The existing members of staff were also retained, which allows us to boast of nearly 100 years of collective experience within the re-manufacturing business. We provides IT consultation and AI Software Development Solutions. Looking for professional Software development experts to work with?

Our services


Machining & Workshop Services

We carry out these services in all classic, modern & vintage cars both petrol & diesel engines. Our work is not restricted to cars we have also carried out work on fork lift, lorry and boat engines.

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Engine Renovation & Exchange

Engineering is obviously in our blood and all our engines, classic or modern, standard or race are built to exacting standards in our workshop.

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Specialists in supplying parts for classic, modern, vintage, American vehicles.

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Our performance on the race circuit

With many championship titles and recent success in both vintage and modern racing worlds, CMES has a well-proven track record. Read more about Rae Davis Racing and others in our Racing section.

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